Documentary, 25 min, B / W, 2020.

It depends how you look at it, a line in a plane could simply be the junction between two points or the division of the plane. In certain neighborhoods of Medellín (Colombia), groups on the fringes of the law have for years drawn new outlines.

Afiche RUTA 60 - V3_baja.jpg


Documentary, 27 min, Color, 2018

Between 1990 and 2000, Route 60 that connects Medellín with Bogotá became a scene of terror and death. Armed groups disputed the area. Although many things have changed today, fear is still present among the population and the atrocious events remain hidden.



Documentary, 16 min, COLOR, 2020.

The Atrato River, the largest tributary of the Colombian Pacific, is in danger. The thirst for gold of humans eats it vertiginously from the inside out. Although the environmental damage is evident, many of the inhabitants of the area see mining as the only solution to the problems of poverty in the region. PACIFIC, is an approach from a distance, to a vast and complex territory, whose name, in light of these images, feels ironic.

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Documentary, 14 min, B / N, 2016.

Teresita Gaviria is a mother who, after the disappearance of her son, tirelessly searches for the truth that will allow her to restore her life and overcome the pain, along with hundreds of Colombian mothers who are victims of violence.

Afiche - LA ESPERANZA- V12020.png


Fiction, 18 min, Color, 2020.

The documentary account of Wilson Alejandro's break with his first love, frames the fictional story of Julián, a young man who dreams of having a family for his little girl, whom he has not seen from the moment of her birth. One day Julián receives a visit from his daughter's mother, but his illusions end when he understands that Maryoli's wish is to leave the girl with him. Julián will have to assume only the future of his daughter.

Postal_afiche Noair 2018.jpg


Experimental Found Footage, 4 min, color, 2017.

Without air, it creates a symbiosis between analog material found in 35 mm and images in digital format, which allow the construction of a fragmented and poetic image of the mind of a woman who ends in chaos on the happiest day of her life.