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Documentary, 16 min, color, 2020.

The Atrato River, the largest tributary of the Colombian Pacific, is in danger. The thirst for gold of humans eats it vertiginously from the inside out. Although the environmental damage is evident, many of the inhabitants of the area see mining as the only solution to the problems of poverty in the region. PACIFIC, is an approach from a distance, to a vast and complex territory, whose name, in light of these images, feels ironic.

A project by / A project by: Animal Films

Produced by / Produce by: Animal Films

Genre / Genre: Documentary

Duration / length: 16 min.

Format / Format: Digital

Language / Language: Spanish

Country / Country: Colombia

Year / Year: 2020

With / With:

Direction / Director: Edna Sierra and Wilson Arango

Script / Script: Edna Sierra and Wilson Arango

Director of Photography / Director of Photography: Edna Sierra and Wilson Arango, Leiser

Sound Design / Sound Design: Edna Sierra and Wilson Arango and Carlos Arcila

Editor / Editor: Edna Sierra and Wilson Arango



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