Experimental Found Footage, 4 min, color, 2017.

Without air, it creates a symbiosis between analog material found in 35 mm and images in digital format, which allow the construction of a fragmented and poetic image of the mind of a woman who ends in chaos on the happiest day of her life.

A project by / A project by: Animal Films

Produced by / Produce by: Animal Films

Genre / Genre: Experimental

Duration / length: 4 min.

Format / Format: Found footage

Language / No dialog

Country / Country: Colombia

Year / Year: 2017

With / With: Catalina Mejía

Direction / Director: Edna Sierra

Script / Script: Edna Sierra

Director of Photography / Director of Photography: Wilson Arango

Sound Design / Sound Design: Wilson Arango

Editor / Editor: Wilson Arango

Postal_afiche Noair 2018.jpg