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Documentary, 25 min, B / W, 2020.

Our territory is delimited by borders, invisible lines that indicate the limits. In certain peripheral neighborhoods of Medellín (Colombia), groups outside the law have for years drawn new territories, displacing the civilian population from their homes. This filmic essay investigates those "other" territories in search of those people who resist moving from their place.

A project by / A project by: Animal Films

Produced by / Produce by: Animal Films

Genre / Genre: Documentary

Duration / length: 25 min.

Format / Format: Documentary

Language / Language: Spanish

Country / Country: Colombia

Year / Year: 2020

With / With: Luz Dary Román, Rocio Álvarez, Willintong Foronda

Direction / Director: Wilson Arango

Script / Script: Edna Sierra and Wilson Arango

Director of Photography / Director of Photography: Edna Sierra and Wilson Arango
Music / Music: Irreverent Connection

Sound Design / Sound Design: Carlos Arcila

Editor / Editor: Wilson Arango