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We are a Medellín company founded in 2017 by Edna Sierra and Wilson Arango. A team of passionate artists and filmmakers, with high human, academic, and technical training. We are dedicated to the production, realization, and distribution of cinematographic, interactive, immersive, and transmedia content, with high standards of narrative and aesthetic quality.


We are focused on our mission to help people make the world a better place and we believe that the way to do it is through our work. In recent years we have produced various audiovisual works of social impact, which have obtained gratifying national and international recognition, by being premiered and awarded at prestigious festivals, such as Mar del Plata, Havana, and Bussan, among others.




Afiche - LA ESPERANZA- V12020.png

Fiction, 18 min, color, 2020

The documentary account of Wilson Alejandro's break with his first love, frames the fictional story of Julián, a young man who dreams of having a family for his little girl, whom he has not seen from the moment of her birth. One day Julián receives a visit from his daughter's mother, but his illusions end when he understands that Maryoli's wish is to leave the girl with him. Julián will have to assume only the future of his daughter.


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Documentary, 14 min, B / N, 2016.

Teresita Gaviria is a mother who, after the disappearance of her son, tirelessly searches for the truth that will allow her to restore her life and overcome the pain, along with hundreds of Colombian mothers who are victims of violence.



Documentary, 27 min, B / W, 2020

Our territory is delimited by borders, invisible lines that indicate the limits. In certain peripheral neighborhoods of Medellín (Colombia), groups outside the law have for years drawn new territories, displacing the civilian population from their homes. This filmic essay investigates those "other" territories in search of those people who resist moving from their place.


Afiche RUTA 60 - V3_baja.jpg

Documentary, 27 min, Color, 2018

Between 1990 and 2000, Route 60 that connects Medellín with Bogotá became a scene of terror and death. Armed groups disputed the area. Although many things have changed today, fear is still present among the population and the atrocious events remain hidden.



Documentary, 16 min, color, 2020

The Atrato River, the largest tributary of the Colombian Pacific, is in danger. The thirst for gold of humans eats it vertiginously from the inside out. Although the environmental damage is evident, many of the inhabitants of the area see mining as the only solution to the problems of poverty in the region. PACIFIC, is an approach from a distance, to a vast and complex territory, whose name, in light of these images, feels ironic.


Postal_afiche Noair 2018.jpg

Experimental Found Footage, 4 min, color, 2017.

Without air, it creates a symbiosis between analog material found in 35 mm and images in digital format, which allow the construction of a fragmented and poetic image of the mind of a woman who ends in chaos on the happiest day of her life.



What we do

We develop and produce our own content and provide production services, production design, art direction and advice on film creation projects to third parties.

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Creative development

When it comes to Creative Development, you can count on us to work until the result is exactly what you are looking for, without going off schedule or going over budget. Contact us if you have any questions.


know us


Edna juliet sierra

Master in Plastic Arts, Master in Aesthetics. Director and producer of Animal Films, she has worked as a teacher and researcher at various universities in Medellín. He has participated as a jury for the creation scholarships in the Medellín Mayor's Office and the Bogotá Mayor's Office, IDARTES. His work has been recognized with encouragement to artistic and cinematographic creation.


Wilson Arango

I am a professional filmmaker and plastic artist since 2006. I graduated from the Master's program in Documentary Film at the Universidad del Cine in Argentina, and obtained another Master's in Art at the Universidad de Antioquia. I have worked in a wide range of art and culture, research-creation, pedagogical and social projects, as well as in the creation of multiple film and video art projects. On several occasions I have been a winner of incentives for artistic and cinematographic creation. My audiovisual works have been presented in more than 45 festivals around the world. I love cinema, painting and experimenting with new technologies. I enjoy creating and working with people who share my passion for film and art.


Próximos eventos

  • ROUTE 60 / In Festival AL ESTE
    ROUTE 60 / In Festival AL ESTE
    Online event
    Oct 01, 2020, 9:00 AM – Oct 11, 2020, 11:00 PM
    Online event
    Don't miss RUTA 60 from anywhere in Peru from October 1 to 11 at the XI edition of the AL ESTE festival.
  • Cinema (and) Digital Conversations: memory and territory
    Cinema (and) Digital Conversations: memory and territory
    Online event
    Jun 16, 2020, 1:30 PM GMT-5
    Online event
    Conversations Cinema (and) Digital: memory and territory Guests: Wilson Arango (Route 60), Ivo Aichenbaum (The last march), Jhon Martínez (The last march) and Andrés Dávila (Sour Lake) Moderator: Andrés Isaza
  • 6th International Film Festival for Human Rights
    6th International Film Festival for Human Rights
    Medellín Chamber of Commerce Headquarters Cent
    Aug 28, 2019, 5:30 PM
    Medellín Chamber of Commerce Headquarters Cent, Cra. 43 # 54-14, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
    The International Film Festival for Human Rights - Colombia was born in 2013 and its heart is the defense and promotion of human rights through cinema. "Cinema unites us"
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